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Virtual Calm Down Kit


Are you ready for a calmwell-behaved, classroom but just not sure how to achieve it? The Virtual Calm Down Kit gives you all the tools you need to manage children’s emotions and behaviors so that your students thrive no matter the setting (virtual or in person!) I’ve taken some of my most popular SEL tools and transformed them to be easily accessed through google classroom, google sites, or just about any other system you are using with your class. Learn more here

Virtual Calm Down Kit for Classrooms

Writing Resources

Narrative Writing Mini Anchor Charts for Composition Books

Narrative Writing Mini Anchor Charts

This set of 12 mini anchor charts are perfect for student’s writing journals. They are sized to fit into a composition book. Topics covered include dialogue, figurative language, hooks and conclusions, describing words, plot, setting, small moments, and more. Learn more here


Narrative Writing Workbook

The workbook includes 4 graphic organizers including a brainstorming worksheet, writing plan, plot roller coaster, and a first, then, next, last worksheet that will scaffold the writing process. Students can also write their rough draft and final draft in the workbook. Learn more here


Expository Writing Workbook

This workbook contains 16 graphic organizers that make scaffolding expository/ informational writing a breeze. I typically teach 1-2 worksheets per day and students end up with an exceptional nonfiction research essay in just a few weeks. Learn more here


Fairytale Adaptation Writing Workbook

The workbook is comprised of 13 graphic organizers that will scaffold the lessons for English Language Learners as well as other students who struggle to stay focused and on topic in their writing. Graphic Organizers include brainstorming, plot development, narration, and more. Learn more here


Handwriting Workbook for Speed & Accuracy

This workbook helps students return to basic letter formation to practice and perfect their handwriting. In addition, once a student has gotten down the correct letter formation, they can practice their speed and accuracy with a fun game called beat the clock. (All you need is a timer!) Learn more here


Handwriting Workbook for Letter Formation

Handwriting Practice Sheets

Print individual capital and lower case letters or numbers off for students to work on during center time or print the full packet off for students to work through like a workbook. You could also use specific letters or numbers for students in small groups to target letter or number reversal or improper letter formation. Learn more here


How to Write Hooks, Dialogue & Conclusions

Are you tired of having your students only write questions or onomatopoeia as their hook or conclusion? Here are 7 different styles of hooks and 7 styles of conclusions that are easy for students to study and emulate. Plus practice writing dialogue that will make their stories pop. Learn more here


Word of the Year SEL Writing Activity

Walk your students through picking a word of the year to help them set goals and focus on improvement for the new school year! This simple slide deck can be done as a whole class lesson or as an independent lesson. (I use it during my literacy centers time!) Learn more here


Gingerbread House for Sale Writing Activity

This gingerbread house for sale is the perfect activity if you are looking for an easy no-prep idea for those last few crazy days before Winter Break. Try this fun and creative design and writing activity with your students! Learn more here


Math Resources

Addition and Subtraction Math Board Games

Addition & Subtraction Board Games

Space Race and Subtraction Pier are the perfect center game for helping your students practice their adding and subtracting fact fluency. These partner games help students get better at mental math and are high engagement, low prep options for center time or your math block. Learn more here


Area and Perimeter Math Game

Area and Perimeter Boxes Center Game

This fun and easy math game helps reinforce the concepts and differences between area and perimeter. It’s the perfect low prep game for math centers that can be played individually or with a partner. 2 Options included – 1 for just perimeter and 1 for area and perimeter. Learn more here


Subitizing Bingo

Subitizing Bingo & Memory Game

Subitizing is the ability to see objects and know the number without counting them. Subitizing Bingo helps students gain number sense which speeds their math skills in so many areas. (No more counting fingers one by one!) This set includes 10 bingo cards and 24 callling cards. Calling cards can also be used to play memory if you print two sets out. Learn more here


Roll It, Mark It! Math Game

This fun and easy math game is great for individual or partner play. 8 files are included with different skills including adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division. The game can grow with your students throughout the year without you having to reteach the idea. It is the perfect low prep game for math centers that can be used over and over! Learn more here


Math Game for Math Centers

Math Builder (Hangman)

This fun and easy math game helps reinforce just about any math skill you want students to work on including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is the perfect low prep game for math centers that can be used over and over! Learn more here


Story Problems for Math Around the Room

Math Around the Room Word Problems is a fun and easy way to get kids excited about adding and subtracting. These 10 story problems focus on 2 and 3 digit adding and subtracting. Have students work individually or as partners. Answer sheet and answer key included. Learn more here


Connect Four Math Game

Connect Four

Connect 4 is the perfect center game for helping your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd graders practice their adding, subtracting, and multiplication fact fluency. 3 versions included for differentiation. These partner games help students get better at mental math and are high engagement, low prep options for center time or your math block. Learn more here


Multiplication Math Game

Race to Win Multiplication Game

Race to Win is a fun and easy math game that reinforces multiplication fact fluency. Students play this game with 2 dice as partners. The first to get all of their numbers crossed off wins. Perfect for an easy, low-prep, and engaging math center activity! Learn more here


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