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Virtual Calm Down Kit

Looking for digital resources for your therapy practice? Or, are you ready for a calmwell-behaved, virtual classroom but just not sure how to achieve it? The Virtual Calm Down Kit gives you all the tools you need to manage children’s emotions and behaviors so that your kids thrive no matter the setting (virtual or in person!) I’ve taken some of my most popular tools and transformed them to be easily accessed through google classroom, email, or just about any other system you are using with your practice or class. Learn more here


Virtual Calm Down Kit for Classrooms
Self Esteem Workbook for Kids

The Brave Guide to Self-Esteem

A creative CBT style workbook full of fun and effective activities, crafts, and exercises designed to help kids work through low self-esteem issues and develop self-confidence.

Teach kids everything they need to know to have positive self-esteem. Learn More Here.

The Brave Guide teaches children how to overcome fear

The Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid Pro

A CBT based workbook full of fun and effective activities, crafts, and exercises designed to help kids work through their fears and anxious thoughts as well as learn coping skills for calming down when scared. Digital and printable versions included. Learn more here


Anger Management Workbook for Kids

The Brave Guide to Anger Pro

A CBT based digital workbook that includes 18 worksheets, projects, and activities designed to help kids recognize, express, and manage their anger. Pro edition includes both digital and printable versions for ease of use in office, classroom, or any virtual setting. Learn more here


Calm Down Cards

Printable Calm Down Cards

A digital deck of coping skill cards to use in therapy offices, classrooms, in the home, and on the go. The deck offers 11 no-tools-required calm down activities and exercises. Download and printable versions included along with a multi-use license. Learn more here


Kindness Jar for Classrooms

Kindness Jar Kit Classroom Edition

Teach your kids to be kind with the Kindness Jar Kit. This is a fun and simple classroom project that gives you a simple positive reinforcement, rewards system to encourage kind words and actions. Learn more here


Deep Breathing Poster

Deep Breathing Printable Posters

The perfect decor choice for your therapy office, classroom, or virtual background. Encourage kids to learn and use deep breathing as a way to calm down big emotions and behaviors. Learn more here


Affirmation Kit

Make Your Own Affirmation Kit for Kids

Use this digital kit to help your child change their negative thoughts, address difficult emotions, triumph over challenges, make it through a difficult time, and/or become better at a particular skill with affirmations. 8 affirmation poster templates included in Kit! Learn more here


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