Brave Guide helps kids learn to explore and express their emotions 

Whether your family is in the midst of crises or your child is going through normal childhood struggles such as bedtime fears, Brave Guide offers tools and resources to help kids learn how to manage their emotions (and behaviors).

Brave Guide is a Resource for Parents and Their Children

In the summer of 2018 my husband and I moved our family, including our two boys aged 6 and 9, across the country. It was a challenging time, especially for our 9-year-old who felt like he was leaving his whole world behind. I struggled to know how to help him. I would swing between feeling sad, frustrated, helpless, and overwhelmed as I watched him fall apart. And then, tragedy struck as I was diagnosed with breast cancer just weeks after settling into our new home.

My first thought after being diagnosed was to wonder how in the world I would tell my children and help them through the crazy times to come. But then the fear hit, and I was just doing my best to hang on and not fall apart myself.

Brave Guide was created through this time as I struggled to find ways to help my children express their emotions, learn to face challenges and gain control over their behaviors. I knew that, as I was struggling, I needed to give my kids a structured, self-guided, tool that they could use to learn how to respond to what was going on around them.

These days Brave Guide continues to offer resources for kids who need help learning to manage their emotions. I also have an ever expanding library of parenting resources offering help and advice to parents as they navigate the everyday challenges of parenting. 

Brave Guide was created by Ruth Song, M.A.

I have a Masters in Counseling with a background in working with families in crises. These days I feel so privileged to be a parenting coach and love helping parents find solutions to the everyday issues that arise throughout the parenting journey.

Beyond that, I am a wife, a mom to two awesome kiddos, and have also been lucky enough to welcome many other children into our home as a foster parent. I am also an artist and love to create whimsical, fun artwork that inspires others. Brave Guide is the marriage of all of my passions and I feel so grateful to be able to share these guides with you and your family.