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Math Builder Game


This fun and easy math game helps reinforce just about any math skill you want students to work on including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is the perfect low prep game for math centers that can be used over and over!


These super easy and fun math game is a great partner game for center time. Open ended game to allow you to have students work on whatever skill they need including addition, subtraction, regrouping, multiplication, and/or division.

How to Play:

Students will play with a partner. Parter 1 will write an equation and solve it on the back or on a white board. Partner 2 will then guess a number. If the number is in the equation, Partner 1 will write it into the appropriate space in the boxes. If the number is not in the equation, Partner 2 has to fill in a line of the hexagon. The goal is to get the equation before filling in all of the lines. (Just like hangman!)

I love using games in my third grade classroom during math centers. My students have fun and learn important skills while I am able to lead small groups for math. This particular game has been so helpful because my students beg to play it and I can easily differentiate based on the skill I want students to target.

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