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Subitizing Bingo


Subitizing Bingo helps students gain number sense which speeds their math skills in general. This set includes 10 bingo cards and 24 callling cards. Calling cards can also be used to play memory if you print two sets out. Perfect for whole class or small group.


This bingo game focuses on subitizing or the ability to recognize a number without counting. Fingers, Tally Marks, and Dots are all used so that students 0 – 10 number sense can gain speed and agility.

10 Bingo Cards and 24 Calling Cards Included

Use this as a whole class bingo game, or as a small group intervention game. Another option is to use the calling cards to play a game of memory – print off two sets and have students find pairs of numbers.

This game is great for Kinder – Third or is also a great tool for special ed or intervention math groups.


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