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Connect Four Math Games


Connect 4 is the perfect center game for helping your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd graders practice their adding, subtracting, and multiplication fact fluency. These partner games help students get better at mental math and are high engagement, low prep options for center time or your math block.


Connect Four is a fun partner game that reinforces addition, subtraction, and/or multiplication skills through a fun and easy math game!

How to Play:

Choose the skill you want students to focus on: addition, subtraction, or multiplication (all three options included!)

Students will play with a partner and take turns solving a problem. Once they have solved it they mark out the circle. The goal is to get four circles in a row.

I love using Connect Four in my third grade classroom during math centers. I start out the year reinforcing addition and subtraction fact fluency and then move on to multiplication once my students are ready. My students love playing this math game during math centers.

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