Digital Calm Down Kit

Looking for Digital Resources to Manage Your Classroom?

The Virtual Calm Down Kit gives you all the tools you need to manage students’ behaviors so that your classroom runs smoothly and easily (even if you have to teach remotely!)


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Does this sound like you?

• You are worrying about how you will manage the kids that need more social and emotional help while teaching a whole class virtually

• You are struggling to find digital teaching tools that don’t require kids to print anything off

• You are worried about kids getting frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, and upset in the middle of virtual lessons

• You are exhausted and overwhelmed with learning all of these new systems and models and can’t even imagine having to learn and implement one more new skill into your repertoire right now.

Virtual Calm Down Kit

What if there was a way to easily help an overwhelmed or upset student without having to pull all of your attention away from the rest of your virtual class?

That is exactly why I created the Virtual Calm Down Kit – because I want you to have the resources you need to make virtual teaching easy for you and all of your students. (Even the kiddos who need a little extra help when it comes to managing their emotions and behaviors.)

Get the tools you need to create a calm down space in an online environment.



Virtual Coping Skills Lesson

The Virtual Calm Down Kit Contains

• Digital Deck of Calm Down Cards 

• Deep Breathing Poster Set

• The Brave Guide to Anger Pro Edition

• The Brave Guide to Being Afraid Pro Edition

• Bonus: Coping Skill Fortune Teller Printable

• Bonus: Calm Down Corner Ideas Checklist for Parents

Virtual Calm Down Kit

One of the biggest issues you’re facing is that you are overwhelmed with learning and implementing an entirely new teaching system and you need easy, practical tools that require minimal effort but offer huge benefits for you and your students.

Right now, you’re struggling with finding easy ways to help students who are struggling with emotional or behavioral issues in the midst of virtual learning.

You also really want all of your students to be successful in whatever environment this year throws at them – even if they struggle with common issues like getting frustrated easily, giving up, paying attention, feeling anxious about trying new things or controlling their disruptive behaviors during class time.


You had a pocket full of tools to address even the toughest social difficulties or emotionally charged situations in your virtual classroom. Tools that were easy to use and really worked!

Let’s make those possibilities a reality – Buy the Virtual Calm Down Kit now to ensure that you have the resources you need to address your students’ social and emotional well-being virtually!


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So… why am I sharing this kit right now?

Hi there! I’m Ruth Song

I’m a mental health focused parenting coach, a Master’s Level Counselor, a mom, and a foster parent. I help parents, educators, and counselors find easy and fun ways to help children express and manage their emotions.

The idea for the virtual calm down kit came to me through a concern that I had recently…

With this unprecedented and uncertain time where we are headed back to school, virtually, how can we help those students who need extra social and emotional support through remote learning?

…and how can we help all students who are faced with the big emotions that come with learning in new ways, facing the disappointments of the new rules and regulations, not to mention the fears that many families have about their health at this time…

So I asked myself…

How can I help overwhelmed teachers and school counselors address and calm down big emotions and behaviors in their kids while in a virtual setting?

I knew that teachers and school counselors were facing so much uncertainty and fear about how they would manage their classrooms and teach in a completely new way… 

I knew that they needed easy to use tools that would seamlessly transition between virtual and classroom use

And I knew that the tools needed to be simple enough that they could pass them onto students with minimal effort and/or instruction

Teacher with Student

The tools inside the Virtual Calm Down Kit are the same tools that I use every day with my own kids, and that my clients use with their students inside classrooms and counseling offices. They are just tweaked to be digital-friendly including:

  • no need to print anything out – everything can be filled out on the screen.
  • no need for lengthy lessons on how to use the tools – I have chosen the easiest and most fun options available!
  • and, no need to learn new software or systems – all files are provided in .pdf format to view inside a browser window or adobe acrobat.

Calm Down Cards Pro Edition

A digital deck of 11 Kid-Friendly Coping Skills that don’t require any special tools or resources. (Perfect for at-home use!)

Value: 16.99

Deep Breathing Poster

Deep Breathing Posters

Perfect for screen sharing, full class learning, and cute enough to incorporate into your background set-up for a subtle reminder to your kids.

Value: 6.99

Brave Guide to Anger

The Brave Guide to Anger Pro

A digital workbook that has 18 separate activities, worksheets, crafts, and exercises that help children explore, express, and manage their anger. The workbook is designed to be used independently and can easily be given as individual worksheets or as a whole workbook. These activities will give you many options for whole class or individual learning.

Value: 24.99

Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid

The Brave Guide to Being Afraid Pro

11 individual activities, worksheets, exercises, and art projects that help students identify their anxious thoughts and behaviors and overcome fear that is holding them back from learning. Use the worksheets for class lessons, as an individual in-the-moment break-away tool, or as an at-home independent workbook for your students.

Value: 19.99

Coping Skills Fortune Teller

BONUS: Coping Skills Fortune Teller

A fun and useful coping skill tool that your students can make and keep on their desks.

Value: 4.99

Calm Down Space Checklist

BONUS: Calm Down Space Checklist

Digital at Home Calm Down Corner Ideas Checklist for Parents – Encourage your student’s parents to create calming/self-regulating spaces at home (just like you do in the classroom!)

Value: 4.99

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Common Questions

Can I print/make copies/email or otherwise distribute these tools to my students?

Yes! All of the products included in the Virtual Calm Down Kit include the license to reprint, email, copy, and distribute to any and all of your students, parents, and team members. If you would like to share any of these resources outside of your school – please inquire for additional licenses/special pricing.


I am not very tech-savvy – what do I need in order to use these files?

All of the files come as PDF’s that can be read in a browser or with acrobat reader which is a free software that is already included on most devices. No other software or tech skills required – just click to open and use!


Can I use these tools in other settings that a virtual classroom?

Yes, please feel free to use these tools in any way that would be helpful to you and the students you serve! You have access to all of the files for digital use or for printing. They are great resources for in-classroom or therapy sessions as well!

How should I use these tools in my virtual classroom?

Most of the items in the Virtual Calm Down Kit are extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways including:

• Use just about any of the worksheets in the Brave Guide to Anger or the Brave Guide to Being Afraid as a lesson plan to teach calm down skills to the whole class

• Pick a different a Calm Down Card as part of your regular morning routine and practice with the whole class. Starting your day with coping skills helps kids learn to regulate their thinking and behaviors!

• Provide individual students with worksheets or calm down cards as needed when faced with disruptive or difficult emotions or behaviors. (This can be especially helpful for kids who have working parents that are not available to help calm them and keep them on task during the day.)

• Print out the Deep breathing posters and hang behind you for your virtual class times. You can also insert the posters into a google slide or share your screen in a zoom meeting as a placeholder while you wait for students to log in.

• Have your kids print out the coping skills fortune teller and fold as a class. Then, allow them to use it anytime they need a calm down tool during class! (You can also have kids make their own fortune teller based off of the PDF if they don’t have access to print the file!)

• Encourage your parents to set up calm down spaces at home for their kids to use during the school day with the BONUS Calm Down Corner Ideas Checklist. Email this list out to give your parents ideas for easy and cost-effective calm down tools they can give their kids at home!

Do the worksheets need to be printed or can my students fill them out digitally? (Many of my students don’t have access to printers)

I have designed all of the worksheets within the Brave Guide to Being Angry (Professional Edition) and the Brave Guide to Being Afraid (Professional Edition) as fillable PDFs. You will also receive 2 versions of each Workbook – 1 file as a complete workbook, and 1 file as the individual pages so that you can choose whether to give the activities and worksheets out one by one or as a whole. All files can also be print if you so choose.


What grade/age are these tools appropriate for?

These tools will work best for 2nd – 8th grade students who are able to read and write.


What if I am not happy with the kit, can I return it?

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this product, I am not able to offer refunds once you have downloaded the files. If you have any difficulties accessing or using the resources, please don’t hesitate to reach out – I want you to be successful using these with your kids!


Do I have to be a teacher to use these tools?

No! This kit would also be great for school counselors, mental health professionals, teacher’s aides, behavioral specialists, and even home-school parents!

Who is the Virtual Calm Down Kit For?

First-Year Teachers – here are ready-made tools that you will be able to use throughout your teaching career. (Look like a pro – right from the start by having social and emotional tools to lift your students up!)

Experienced Teachers – whether you are just starting out or are a teaching veteran, this year is bound to present unique challenges as we look at spending at least some of the year in a virtual learning environment. These calm down tools are already optimized for virtual learning and will allow you the ability to pull them out and use them quickly and easily!

School Counselors – trying to help your students in a virtual setting has presented some interesting challenges! These worksheets and tools give you fun activities to get the relationships rolling! They also offer you really practical resources that you can provide to the teachers at your school, to your students’ parents, and to the administration.

Mental Health Professionals – while this kit is aimed at the education field, you could also utilize all of the resources in a counseling/therapy setting as well (whether you are doing virtual visits or in-office sessions.)

Home School Families/Pods – These tools are so easy to use that you don’t need any fancy degree or education to be able to reap the benefits with your kids! Hang the deep breathing posters on your walls, print off the calm down cards and place on your children’s desks, and use the worksheets as social/emotional learning resources!

So… How does this work?

Once you click Buy Now and enter your payment details, check your inbox! You will receive an email with instant access to all of the files. (Please note that the email delivery service does sometimes take up to 10 minutes or so to process everything. If you don’t see the email, check your junk/spam folder.)  

If you need assistance after purchasing, please email

Refund Policy

Due to the virtual nature of this kit, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine handling an emotional outburst easily because you have the tools you need!

  • Your students will be learning coping skills right from the start!
  • When a kiddo is struggling, you won’t have to worry about how to handle it remotely!
  • All of that stress over the new procedures, rules, and learning environments will melt away as you do a daily calm down card with your class!
  • You will have the resources you need to communicate with concerned parents and set their children up for emotional success! 

Now is the time to purchase! Be ready for your next virtual class, session, or meetting!

Now Only $47