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Race to Win Multiplication Math Game


Race to Win is a fun and easy math game that reinforces multiplication fact fluency. Students play this game with 2 dice as partners. The first to get all of their numbers crossed off wins. Perfect for math centers!


Race to Win is a fun partner game that reinforces multiplication skills through a fun and easy math game!

How to Play:

Students will take turns rolling 2 dice. They will then multiply the numbers and look for the answer on their column. If they have that number, they cross it out. If they don’t have that number, they forfeit their turn. The goal is to get all of the numbers crossed out in your column first.

I love using Race to Win in my third grade classroom while I am teaching multiplication. My students love playing this dice math game during math centers. Students gain fact fluency through play which is the best way to teach if you ask me!

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