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Learning to manage big emotions in the midst of everyday life, let alone in the midst of hard times, can be challenging for kids. As a parent or caring adult, it can often be overwhelming, heartbreaking, and frustrating to know how to help kids manage their emotions and behaviors when they are struggling.

Brave Guide offers resources for kids designed to teach emotional coping skills and behavior management. 

Resources for kids include workbooks around specific emotions or life situations. All of the workbooks are designed to be engaging and fun for kids while providing them with the skills they need in the moment. 

Brave Guide also offers resources for parents and families to help enable parents to be supporters of their children’s emotional development. 

You can find these resources in our shop or browse through our free parenting resource library here.  

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Resources for Parenting 

Every child handles their emotions differently when faced with challenges. While some kids may turn inwards and become sad, despondent or  isolated, others may become angry and act out at school or at home. This can be confusing for both the child and the adults in their lives.

Brave Guide Offers Workbooks for Kids that use a combination of reading, journaling, creative thinking, worksheets, art projects, and even physical activity to help kids learn how to understand what they are feeling, explore why they are feeling that way and learn ways to cope and even thrive in the midst of really tough emotions. 

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