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How to get your kids to listen to you

The Be Heard Method – Parenting Course

The Be Heard Method is a 5 day video course that will teach you how to address and correct the 5 main reasons that kids don’t listen.

You will learn how to get rid of negative behavior like arguing, complaining, making excuses, and blaming others. Learn more here


Managing Emotions Bundle

Does your child struggle with big emotions like fear, anger, and frustration? The managing emotions bundle is the perfect resource to help your child learn to recognize and express all of their emotions so that they are eventually able to make better decisions and control their behaviors. Learn more here 


Managing Emotions Bundle
Self Esteem Workbook for Kids

The Brave Guide to Self-Esteem

A creative workbook full of fun and effective activities, crafts, and exercises designed to help kids work through low self-esteem issues and develop self-confidence.

Teach kids everything they need to know to have positive self-esteem. Learn more here.The Brave Guide to Self-Esteem


The Brave Guide teaches children how to overcome fear

The Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid

Watching your child struggle with fear and anxiety can be heartbreaking. It is so hard to get through to them when they are in full-on panic mode. The Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid is a much-needed resource that you can use to help your child learn to cope with and move through their fears. Learn more here


Anger Management Workbook for Kids

The Brave Guide to Anger

If you have a child who struggles with anger and all of the behaviors that can accompany those big emotions, then you know how hard it can be to teach kids anger management skills. The Brave Guide to Anger is a practical parenting resource that you can use to help your child learn to manage and calm down their anger. Learn more here


Calm Down Cards

Printable Calm Down Cards

Digital download so that you can immediately print, cut, and use! These calm down activities for kids are the perfect parenting tool. The deck provides you with 11 activities and exercises that you can give to your child anytime they need to calm down. Includes an instruction sheet for printing/cutting. Learn more here


Kindness Jar for Classrooms

Kindness Jar Kit

Teach your kids to be kind with the Kindness Jar Kit. This is a fun and simple family project that gives you a simple positive reinforcement, rewards system to encourage kind words and actions. Learn more here


Deep Breathing Poster

Deep Breathing Printable Posters

Teaching kids deep breathing techniques helps them learn to calm down when they are feeling scared, anxious, angry, or stressed. These coping skills posters will help children practice deep breathing so that they are able to calm themselves when they get upset at home or in the classroom. Learn more here


Affirmation Kit

Make Your Own Affirmation Kit for Kids

Use this digital kit to help your child change their negative thoughts, address difficult emotions, triumph over challenges, make it through a difficult time, and/or become better at a particular skill with affirmations. 8 affirmation poster templates included in Kit! Learn more here


Family Meeting Kit

Family Meeting Kit

Use this printable kit to help you plan and run successful family meetings. This kit includes instructions, a fun family bonding activity, and a template for discussing and solving problems or issues in your family meeting. Easily build stronger family relationships today! Learn more here


The Brave Guide to Moving

The Brave Guide to Moving

Moving across the country, out of town, or even out of the country can be a really terrifying but exciting time for families. The Brave Guide to Moving is a practical workbook style journal that guides kids through a variety of activities and exercises to get them ready to move and help them process all of those emotions that are sure to come up during the transition. Learn more here


Workbook for Kids Whose Parents Have Cancer

The Brave Guide to Cancer

Helping a child understand and process their parent’s illness is an important task for kids whose parents have cancer.  There are so many fears, emotions, and even practical details that need to be dealt with. The Brave Guide to Cancer is a hands-on workbook style journal that is packed full of activities, resources, and exercises to help children process and cope with their emotions and questions during this trying time. Learn more here


Family Bonding Bundle

Family bonding is so important for creating lasting loving relationships with your children. The Family Bonding Bundle provides you with 3 fun Kits that will all help you to build your relationship as a family, become more mindful, and develop a stronger bond. Learn more here


Calm Down Coping Skills Bundle

Help for an angry, anxious, or upset child. This is the ultimate calm down skills bundle including printable calm down cards, printable deep breathing posters, and a checklist to help you create a calm down space in your home or classroom.  Learn more here


Virtual Calm Down Kit

Ready for a calmwell-behaved, virtual classroom but just not sure how to achieve it? The Virtual Calm Down Kit gives you all the tools you need to manage student’s emotions and behaviors so that your kids thrive in a remote learning environment! I’ve taken some of my most popular tools and transformed them to be easily accessed through google classroom, email, or just about any other system you are using with your class. Learn more here


Virtual Calm Down Kit

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