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Area and Perimeter Math Games


This fun and easy math game helps reinforce the concepts and differences between area and perimeter. The perfect low prep game for math centers that can be played individually or with a partner.


These super easy and fun math games are great partner or individual games that reinforces perimeter and/or area through play!

How to Play:

Students will play with a partner and take turns rolling 2 dice. They will then create a box with the perimeter that matches the number they rolled. For Boxed Perimeter they will write the perimeter inside of the box. For the Area and Perimeter option, they will write both the perimeter and area inside the box. The goal is to completely fill up the sheet!

I love using games in my third grade classroom during math centers. My students have fun and learn important skills while I am able to lead small groups for math. This particular area and perimeter game has been so helpful in really reinforcing the concepts and helping students master the difference between area and perimeter.

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