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How to Practice Gratitude

The Little Brave Guide to Gratitude

Teach your kids to be more grateful with this workbook. 8 activities, crafts, games and journal prompts all designed to help you find new and fun ways to practice gratitude.

Free Printable Problem Solving Worksheet

Problem Solving Worksheet

This worksheet walks your kids through the process of solving their own problems in a step-by-step format.

I Feel Confused Worksheet

This worksheet gives your kids a format to interview you and ask all of their questions about your cancer in a safe and kids friendly way.

Calm down space

Calm Down Space Checklist

Having a calm down space in your home can be an invaluable tool to help your kids learn to soothe themselves, calm down and get their emotions and bodies under control.

75 Print and Cut Calm Down Techniques

75 Print & Cut Calm Down Techniques

Create a grab bag of calm down strategies to use anytime you need to calm a tantrum, meltdown, angry outburst, anxiety attack or any other big emotion behavior!

Mini Calm Down Card Deck

Mini Calm Down Card Deck

7 activities and exercises designed to help your child calm their anger, fear or other big emotions. Full calm down deck available here.

How to Stop a Tantrum Cheat Sheet

How to Calm a Tantrum Cheat Sheet

5 techniques with examples that will stop a tantrum in its tracks. Keep this somewhere handy – you are going to want to reference it next time your kiddo starts melting down!

New Holiday Traditions

New Holiday Tradition Ideas

If you are recovering from being sick, having cancer treatments, post-surgery, or just low on energy this Holiday Season, then this list of new family traditions you can do from the couch is for you!

No More Whining Download

3 Step Parenting Plan for Whining and Complaining

If you find yourself at your wits end over all of the whining and complaining going on in your house, use this handy worksheet to help you get to the root issues and respond in a way that helps you and your kids.

Free We're Moving Activity Box Download

Moving Activity Box Checklist

If you are planning a move with kids, you need this checklist to help you create a moving activity box kit. This kit is the perfect tool to keep your kids occupied while you pack, travel and unpack!

Recovery Scavenger Hunt

Recovery Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a fun activity that you can do with your kids while you recover from your treatments (or if you are just down sick with a bad cold and need to occupy your kiddos for an hour!)

Free Foster Care Resource Sheet

Foster Care Resource Sheet

Use this fillable form to track all of the educational and medical resources you might need for foster kids in one easy location

Kindness Notes

Kindness Note Template Printables

Teach your kids to be kind with these printable kindness notes. Print one sheet of 4 notes out for each child and let them write a kind note.

Bravery Shield Printable

Bravery Shield Craft Printables

Create this bravery shield with your kids to help remind them to use their favorite coping skills to calm down from fear, anger, frustration, or even boredom!

How to Apologize

4 Steps to An Apology Worksheet

Teach kids to develop personal responsibility and empathy by learning how to apologize well! Learn how to teach this worksheet in this article.

If you are looking for additional resources,

make sure to also check out the shop page!

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