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Personal Narrative Writing Workbook


The workbook includes 4 graphic organizers including a brainstorming worksheet, writing plan, plot roller coaster, and a first, then, next, last worksheet that will scaffold the writing process. Students can also write their rough draft and final draft in the workbook.


Writing personal narratives is always a fun project. However, it can be overwhelming and confusing for students. This workbook will help you guide students through each step of writing their own narrative with daily graphic organizers, rough draft paper, and a file for writing out their final draft.

The workbook is comprised of 4 graphic organizers including a small moments brainstorming worksheet, a small moment writing plan, a plot roller coaster, and a first, then, next, last worksheet that will scaffold the lessons for English Language Learners as well as other students who struggle to stay focused and on topic in their writing.

The writing process is loosely based on the Lucy Calkins 3rd Grade Personal Narrative writing unit. However, it has been simplified into bite sized chunks that are easier to teach and easier to accomplish for students! Teach a mini-lesson around 1 worksheet per day and within 1-2 weeks your students will have their very own thoughtfully written personal narrative.

You will receive access to download a PDF (printable) version as well as a Google Slides version. You can print this workbook out and staple it together like a workbook or hand out individual worksheets. Alternately, assign the digital version for students who are learning remotely, for those who need access to text to type, or for those who just prefer typing over writing.

What you will receive:

  • 7 pages that include graphic organizers and writing paper
  • Print version as a PDF
  • Digital version as a Google Slide Deck

You may also want to use my hook and conclusion writing worksheets for the editing process – they flow seamlessly after students have written a rough draft.

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