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Virtual Calm Down Kit

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The Virtual Calm Down Kit helps overwhelmed school counselors and teachers address and calm down big emotions and behaviors in their kids while in a virtual setting with easy to use digital social and emotional worksheets and coping skills tools.

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Ready for a calmwell-behaved, virtual classroom but just not sure how to achieve it? The Virtual Calm Down Kit gives you all the tools you need to manage student’s emotions and behaviors so that your kids thrive!

The Virtual Calm Down Kit Contains:

  • Calm Down Cards (Professional Edition): a digital deck of 11 Kid-Friendly Coping Skills that don’t require any special tools or resources. (Perfect for at-home use!) Value: 16.99
  • Deep Breathing Poster Set: Perfect for screen sharing, full class learning, and cute enough to incorporate into your background set-up for a subtle reminder to your kids. Value: 6.99
  • The Brave Guide to Anger (Professional Edition): A digital workbook that has 18 separate activities, worksheets, crafts, and exercises that help children explore, express, and manage their anger. The workbook is designed to be used independently and can easily be given as individual worksheets or as a whole workbook. These activities will give you many options for whole class or individual learning. Value: 24.99
  • The Brave Guide to Being Afraid (Professional Edition)– 11 individual activities, worksheets, exercises, and art projects that help students identify their anxious thoughts and behaviors and overcome fear that is holding them back from learning. Use the worksheets for class lessons, as an individual in-the-moment break-away tool, or as an at-home independent workbook for your students. Value: 19.99
  • BONUS: Coping Skill Fortune Teller Printable – A fun and useful coping skill tool that your students can make and keep on their desks. Value: 4.99
  • BONUS: Digital at Home Calm Down Corner Ideas Checklist for Parents – Encourage your student’s parents to create calming/self-regulating spaces at home (just like you do in the classroom!) Value: 4.99

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