Managing Emotions Bundle - Brave Guide

Managing Emotions Bundle


6 Kid-Friendly Resources for Expressing and Managing Emotions. (And the behaviors that accompany those emotions!)

  • Printable Calm Down Cards
  • The Brave Guide to Anger
  • Deep Breathing Posters
  • The Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid
  • Calm Down Skills Print & Cut Sheets
  • Create a Calm Down Space Checklist
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The Managing Emotions Bundle is the perfect resource for helping your child learn the skills they need to recognize and express their emotions and then calm down anytime they feel angry, upset, sad, scared or really any other big emotion. This kit provides you with multiple workbooks, worksheets, activities, and resources that will help your child start controlling their emotions and behaviors.

Calm Down Card Deck (Printable Version)

A no tools required deck of calm down cards for kids. Use these 11 exercises and activities to help your kids calm down when they are feeling frustrated, angry, anxious, emotional, or scared. Activities include deep breathing exercises to help with emotional regulation, simple scavenger hunts for distraction, and easy physical exercises to help with body regulation. The cards come with instructions for printing and cutting at home. Value: $6.99

The Brave Guide to Anger (Printable Version)

A workbook full of fun and effective activities, projects, and exercises designed to help your child work through their anger and learn coping skills for anger management. Topics such as learning what makes you angry, apologizing, and uncovering the emotions under anger help kids get a whole view of what anger is and how to manage it. Value: $12.99

Deep Breathing Poster Set (Printable)

Using deep breathing techniques helps children learn to calm down when they are feeling scared, anxious, angry, or stressed. These coping skills posters will help children practice deep breathing in fun, kid-appropriate ways so that they are able to calm themselves when they get upset or start to have behavioral issues. Placing deep breathing posters in a child’s bedroom can also help eliminate bedtime fear issues such as trouble falling asleep, fear of monsters or bad guys, or feeling afraid of the dark or sleeping alone. These printable posters are sized at 8.5″ x 11″ for easy at-home printing. They will also fit into a document sized frame if you choose to frame them. Value: $6.99

The Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid (Printable Version)

10 activities and worksheets that help kids explore, recognize, and overcome their fears. Children will learn coping skills so that they will be able to calm down, be less afraid, and function better anytime they feel anxious or afraid. This workbook is designed for elementary-aged children and can be done independently or with an adult. Value: $9.99

Print & Cut Calm Down Techniques (Printable)

This printable contains 75 calm down ideas, strategies, and techniques. Print and cut to create a grab bag of coping skills for your child to use the next time they need to calm down. Choose to offer all 75 options, or pick and choose which options work for you and your child. Creating a Grab Bag of Coping Skills is a great addition to a calm down kit or a calm down space! Value: $2.99

Calm Down Space Checklist

Having a Calm Down Corner or Space in your house is an invaluable tool for promoting coping skills in children. When you provide resources and tools for your child to use on their own, to calm their own bodies and emotions, they learn to be better at regulating their emotions and behaviors. You can use your calm down cards, posters, and print and cut techniques in this space. You will also find expert advice for other soothing items to include. Value: $1.99

Total Value: 41.94

Bundle Price: 27.00

*Please note, the Managing Emotions Bundle contains print-at-home items that you will be able to immediately download and use. No physical products will be mailed.


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