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The Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid

Teach Your Child to Not Be Afraid

A workbook that teaches your child to not be afraid

A Workbook for Kids Who Struggle with Fear

»   Is your child struggling at night, afraid to go to sleep, having nightmares, or waking up feeling scared?

»   Is your child stuck in their fear? Not able to do the things that they need or want to do?

»   Is your child having behavior issues related to their fear?

»   Are you struggling with knowing how to help them, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and worried?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid can help you and your child!


See What’s Inside the Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid

Worksheet that teaches children how to not be afraid

11 Activities, Exercises, and Crafts that Teach Kids How To:

  • Become more aware of their fear triggers
  • Learn coping skills to help calm down their fears
  • Practice calming their bodies so that they can make it through scary situations
A Worksheet that helps your child not be afraid

Variety of Teaching Methods that Target Different Learning Styles

  • Options to write or draw about their feelings
  • Physical exercises for kids who aren’t as verbally communicative or expressive
  • Art therapy style exercises for kids who communicate through creativity
Activities that teach your child how to not be afraid

Coping Skills to Help Kids Manage their Thoughts and Behaviors

  • Skills can be used for any stressful situations or emotions
  • Tips and exercises designed to help kids put skills into daily practice.
  • Encouraging kids to take ownership of their behaviors and find creative solutions

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» Less overwhelm for you and your child

» Know exactly how to help them when they feel afraid

» Encourage your child to take ownership of their fear and find solutions that work for them

» Immediate and practical help that really works

How to teach your child to not be afraid

As a parent, it can be so hard to watch our children be afraid of something and not know how to help them. Whether they are falling apart over going to bed alone, terrified of the dark, scared of monsters, spiders, bugs or other creepy crawlies, or have fear that is making it hard for them to function at home, at school, or with their friends, finding tools that will really help them can be challenging.

The Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid walks kids through 11 creative, fun, and effective activities and projects that will help them learn coping skills so that they will be able to calm down, be less afraid, and function better anytime they feel anxiety or fear. This workbook is designed for elementary-aged children and can be done independently or with an adult.

What You Will Receive in The Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid

The Brave Guide teaches children how to overcome fear

11 fun and effective activities, crafts and exercises designed to help your child work through and get rid of their fears.

Please note, this is a digital workbook. Download, print and use immediately for a calmer, less fearful night tonight.

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