Whether you are looking for ideas for a rainy day, or are stuck at home quarantining, finding indoor activities for bored kids can be exhausting! If you have exhausted your list of ideas and are needing to pull your kids away from their screens, here is some inspiration!

Fun Indoor Activities for Bored Kids

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  • Put on a play or a skit (you can download free scripts that help kids practice reading in a really fun way! Check out this site for scripts by grade level.)
  • Create a poster on paper or on the computer
  • Design a magazine cover (Use old magazines or print out pictures for a collage effect!)
  • Practice Calm Down Skills Using the Calm Down Card Deck
  • Write a creative story or poem
  • Do Mad Libs together (if you don’t have any Mad Libs books lying around, you can find fillable Mad Libs online)
  • Cook or Bake something (this lets your kids practice math skills!)
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt (You can download a free in-home scavenger hunt that I created to use for days when I wasn’t feeling well in the parenting resource library

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    • Just Dance, Wii Sports, or other active video games (a Wii Sports bowling tournament with the whole family is a great low key but super fun idea!)
    • Try out YouTube exercise videos for kids
    • Cup Stacking Competitions (this set comes with different challenge instructions!)
    • Balloon Games (google balloon games- there are a million fun options!)
    • Set up a target in the garage for football, baseball or even a beach ball throwing practice
    • Make Sock Puppets and put on a puppet show
    • Make a photo collage (either with printed photos or digitally)
    • Play family games: Monopoly, The Game of Life, Pictionary, etc. (If you need to spice up your game night ideas, check out this article on the Best Family Games by Age)
    • Make Necklaces or Bracelets with whatever supplies you have (beads, macaroni noodles, embroidery thread, etc.)
    • Set up an indoor movie theater complete with popcorn, a dark room, and a good family movie
    • Have your kids create treasure maps for each other with clues that lead them to a hidden “treasure”
    • Play with your dog or cat – teach your dog a new trick, have fun with a flashlight with your cat, etc.
    • Create a Pet Spa – bathe, brush, maybe even blow-dry your dog
    • Build an indoor fort out of sheets, blankets, couch cushions, etc. (maybe even pull out a string of twinkle lights for more fun!)
    • Play Hide and Seek
    • Put on a fashion show (have it be themed for more wacky fun)
    • Play cards – maybe even google some new card games to learn
    • Read together
    • Play Simon Says
    • Do a puzzle
    • Build Legos together
    • Create an obstacle course using painters’ tape in the living room
    • Have lunch or dinner as a picnic on a blanket in the family room
    • Use Facebook Messenger for Kids to have virtual playdates with friends or family
    • Pick a board game like Battleship to play over video chat with distant cousins
    • Use Google Slides to create a visual fictional story or a personal narrative (like of a family vacation.)
    • Start a Family Newspaper (like in Little Women)
    • Sort through dressers and pull out old/too small clothes to donate
    • Search up origami videos on YouTube
    • Check out the Art for Kids Hub on YouTube for drawing tutorials. (And make sure to try out this one line drawing challenge it will have your kids rolling in laughter!)
    • Let your kids make a playlist and then have a dance party
    • Have a Paper Airplane folding/flying contest
    • Go on a virtual field trip– pick a destination, research local spots that you would like to visit, maybe learn a bit about the history, and then tour the spots you chose in Google Earth. (Try syncing your computer or phone up to your TV for a larger more immersive experience!)
    • Work on social-emotional skills with The Brave Guide to Anger or The Little Brave Guide to Being Afraid.
    • Set up a tent and “camp out” in the living room or playroom
    • Have a Lip-sync concert (bonus points for creating a dance routine to go with the song!)
    • Try out Karaoke (YouTube has free videos to use!)
    • Do a virtual museum tour (The Smithsonian, The Louvre, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The British Museum, The Guggenheim, and many others all offer virtual tours.)
    • Have a Tea Party
    • Listen to Audio Books (Audible offers a free trial subscription and lots of great titles for kids and teens)
    • Create Armor out of cardboard boxes and have a nerf gun battle
    • Try building a house of cards
    • Make a music video
    • Start learning a foreign language or sign language
    • Create a hopscotch game out of painter’s tape or masking tape on the floor
    • Try making a stop motion video

    Other Fun Resources and Activities for Bored Kids

    I also have some other great parenting resources in my free Parenting Resource Library that could be helpful to keep your kids calm and entertained. (Like instructions and printables for creating a calm down kit.) You can sign up to download any/all of those resources in the box below.

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