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Family Game Night Ideas

The Best Family Game Night Ideas

One of the best family bonding activities is to have a family game night.

There are so many fun games that can bring you closer together as a family, help you teach your children important life lessons, and give you something fun to do that will create lasting memories.

If you are tired of playing the same games and ready for some new, fun, and popular family games, check out the family game night ideas below.This post may contain affiliate links – they help me keep this blog going – so thanks for your support!

Family games for young children

When considering what games to play with toddlers or young children, it is important to consider their developmental ability. You will want to consider their physical abilities (for example, card games are often hard for young kids since they can’t hold the cards very well.)

You will also want to consider their attention span. Most young children do best with shorter, action-packed games.

Top Games for Young Children


This is a great twist on bingo that has a learning element as well. There are multiple versions including dual language options. My children loved playing this game because of the fun way the cards were dispensed and because they love bingo.

Spot It Jr.

This is a great game for younger children because it is fun and engaging but can also be played quickly. (Or play multiple times for a longer family game time.) I love that you can play this one with multiple kids and even if you have older kids, they will enjoy playing along with their younger siblings.


This classic game is so much fun. Kids love trying to remove items without the game buzzing at them. It is also great for developing young children’s hand-eye coordination.

Connect 4

This is another classic game that little ones love to play. This is a 2 person game that goes pretty quickly and has a fairly easy set-up. Because of this, this popular game is easy to pull out at a moment’s notice.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

This classic game works for 2-4 players and is a fun, quick, and competitive game that is easy for little fingers to manage. Again, this is a great one to play as a family or to let your kids play on their own.

Crocodile Dentist

This was my youngest son’s favorite game when he was about 3. If you have kids who have a little bit of dare devil in them, this is the perfect game. Players take turns pressing down the crocodile’s teeth hoping that the mouth doesn’t close on their hand. Guaranteed to bring lots of laughs and excitement to your family game times!

Headbandz Jr.

This is a fun game for the whole family! My kids loved trying to guess what they had on their headband and would often end up in fits of giggles anytime we played this game.

Hi Ho Cherry-O

This game has long been a classic because it helps young children practice counting and early math skills while also working on hand eye coordination. Plus, it is enjoyable to play!

Alphabet Bingo

Kids love playing bingo. Why not harness that enjoyment into learning! This set will be fun for the whole family while also helping your toddler learn their letters!

Fun games for older children

When considering games for elementary-aged kids and tweens, there are a lot of fun possibilities. Most games will give you an age guideline on the box which is important to pay attention to when choosing the right game for your family.

The Best Games for Older Children

The Game of Life

This is a fun and classic board game that kids love. It can be played with as few as 2 players or with the whole family. My kids pull this out when they have playdates and love playing it together on family game nights.


This is a fun, quick, and easy game that my kids love. It involves a little strategy and is a little like a way more fun and grown-up version of chutes and ladders.


I love this classic game for casual game time when I am wanting to connect with my kids. It is engaging and fun but still allows for conversation. We often pull this one out for a quick impromptu gaming session.


This game works best for 4-6 players. It is a hilarious and fun mash-up of Pictionary and Telephone. My kids beg to play this one and we always end up talking about the game for days after playing. It’s a really great game for building a stronger family bond!

Googly Eyes Game

This game is one of the silliest and most fun games we have come across lately. The game has glasses that the player wears that distort their vision and then it plays kind of like Pictionary. I think my son’s favorite part of this game is laughing at how silly our drawings come out when we wear the crazy glasses.

The Oregon Trail

This game was based on the old computer game but brings the concept into 3-d family fun. Travel across the board trying not to lose your passengers or die of dysentery. I enjoy that this game generally takes 30 – 45 minutes and inspires friendly competition.

Uno Flip

This is my youngest son’s current favorite game. We used to play regular Uno a lot and then he got Uno Flip and it really appeals to him because it is just enough different and allows for fast and fun play.

What do You Meme (Family Edition)

This is a fun card style game that has both an adult version and a family version. (So make sure to get the family version if you plan on playing with your kids!) My boys are so into memes right now so this is a fun game that brings that interest in but is also entertaining and funny enough to hold my interest while we play.

Don’t Make Me Laugh

This is a great game that plays on the popular “don’t make me laugh” challenges that kids love. My boys can play this one for long stretches of time and have a blast laughing and trying not to laugh!

Popular games to play with teenagers

Games are a great way to bridge the gap between teens and their parents. Having everyone put their devices down for an hour or two to play games can really be a great family bonding activity.

It also becomes so much more fun to play games the older kids get as they are better able to understand complex games.

The Best Games for Teens


This is a fun guessing game that kids and adults will have fun with. It can be played in teams and has a fast, exciting pace to hold the interest of your kids.


I have loved this game since I was a teenager myself. It can be played with as few as 2 players or with the whole family. It has a fun sense of competition and always encourages laughing and fun in our house!


This classic game is great to play as a family. It is challenging and fun and can get a little competitive when people start challenging words and spellings.


Sequence is only a 2 player game but I am including it because it is great for builing a bond with your kids. It is a fun mix of a card game and a board game and allows for strategy. But, it is easy enough to allow for conversation throughout the game. This one is perfect for a quiet evening of fun.


This is a great family game because you get to work together as a team to win the game together. It involves strategy and is a lot of fun for the whole group!

Exploding Kittens

This game is great for teens and older elementary aged kids. It is a fun card game that can be played with just 2 kids or with the whole family. This one always gets my kids laughing and having fun!

Not Parent Approved

This is a great family friendly card game. It was inspired by Cards Against Humanity but it is Rated PG. It does have a lot of poop related humor which is probably why my boys like it so much.


This is a fun strategy board game that is great for a whole evening with the family. It is complex enough that kids will have to really think and be engaged in order to play – which is great for coming together on family night!


This is a super fun and easy dice game. (Don’t tell anyone but our family loves to play with dollar bills or quarters instead of the tokens so that the winner ends up with a little pile of money at the end!)

Card Games for Families

Card games can also be a lot of fun for family game time. Here are some of my family’s favorite card games to play together:


This is a fun game that is somewhat similar to UNO. It has worked well for my kids from about 5 years old and on. It is also fun enough that I enjoy playing with them! I love the tin that this version comes in.

Mille Bornes

This is a unique and fun game that has an auto theme to it. My boys really enjoy playing this and often want to play again as soon as we are finished.

Scattergories the Card Game

This is a really fun twist on traditional scattergories that has a bit of a Slap Jack feel to it. We often end up in uncontrollable giggles when we play this one. I especially like it for playing outdoors as it is easy to take along just about anywhere.

Sushi Go

This is a cute little card game that can be played with the whole family. It is different than any other card game we have and is quite fun for everyone.


This is an exciting and fast paced card game that works great for the whole family. Our family often plays this one on Holidays! Each player needs their own unique deck of cards and then it is basically like playing solitaire with a few twists. Here are the official rules if you want to play with cards that you have:

Or, check out this cool pack from Amazon.

Throw the Burrito

If you don’t mind a bit of wild, rambunctious play at your game night, then this is the game for you! There is a hint of Rummy in the rules but you get to add in throwing squishy burritos at people.

Playing Games as a Family Will Create Lasting Memories

The best part about any game that you choose to play with your family is that it is bound to build your bond as a family and help create those lasting memories for years to come.

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