The Little Brave Guide to Anger

A workbook for kids who struggle with anger

Brave Guide to Anger

»  Is your child having behavior issues because of their anger?

»   Is your child constantly getting into trouble because they are unable to control their anger?

»   Is your child struggling with their relationships – constantly fighting, yelling, calling names, and being mean?

»   Are you struggling with knowing how to help them, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and worried?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Little Brave Guide to Anger can help you and your child!

See What’s Inside the Little Brave Guide to Anger

18+ Activities, Exercises, and Crafts That Teach Kids How to:

  • Become more aware of their anger triggers
  • Learn coping skills to help calm down when they start feeling angry
  • Learn kid-friendly skills to help control and manage anger


Variety of Teaching Methods that Target Different Learning Styles

  • Options to write or draw about their feelings
  • Physical exercises for kids who aren’t as verbally communicative or expressive
  • Art therapy style exercises for kids who communicate through creativity


Coping Skills to Help Kids Manage their Thoughts and Behaviors

  • Skills that directly target anger but can also be applied to other big emotions
  • Tips and exercises designed to help kids put skills into daily practice.
  • Encouraging kids to take ownership of their behaviors and find creative solutions


This digital workbook can be print at home and used right away.

» Less angry outbursts for you and your child

» Know exactly how to help them when they feel mad

» Encourage your child to take ownership of their anger and find solutions that work for them

» Immediate and practical help that really works

As a parent, it can be so hard to watch our children be angry and unhappy and not know how to help them. Whether they are struggling with getting along with others, being destructive when they get angry, or just having a difficult time doing what they need to do because they get mad so easily, finding tools that will really help them can be challenging.

The Little Brave Guide to Anger walks kids through 18+ creative, fun, and effective activities and projects that will help them learn coping skills so that they will be able to calm down when angry, learn to control their anger, and function better anytime they feel mad. This workbook is designed for elementary-aged children and can be done independently or with an adult.

What What You Will Receive

Brave Guide to Anger

18+ fun and effective activities, crafts and exercises designed to help your child learn to understand and manage their anger as well as the behavior issues that come with their anger.

Please note, this is a digital workbook. Download, print and use immediately for a calmer, less angry child today.

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