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Printable Calm Down Card Deck Pro


One of the most helpful tools you can teach a child who struggles with big emotions and big behaviors is coping skills. Coping skills allow kids to calm down and make better choices about their behavior. This deck of coping skills is the perfect tool to use in your work with kids.

These downloadable cards are printable and perfect for use in a calm down kit, on the go, in a classroom, or in a therapy office. They teach lifelong coping skills that will help children manage their fear, anger, and other big emotions.

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Coping Skills can be a huge turning point for kids in learning to calm down and manage their behaviors. Finding fun, kid-friendly ideas to teach kids in your therapy practice or classroom can be challenging. You want skills that kids can use anytime – without having to incorporate other tools or objects. Plus, you want them to be easy to remember, and fun to do.

The Calm Down Card Deck Pro gives you 11 effective and engaging coping skills to use with children. Choose to print out the cards and make a deck for use in a calm down kit or in student’s desks or nightstands. Or, use individual cards to start out sessions with a deep breathing exercise or sensory style coping skill.

All 11 activities are perfect for elementary-aged kids and can be used independently or with an adult. These printable cards measure 5.5″ x 4.25″ when cut. They include an instruction sheet and are laid out 4 per page for cost-effective printing. You will also receive individual files of each card for more flexibility in the way you use them.

The Pro edition includes a multi-use license so feel free to reprint, distribute to your clients and students, and use in virtual sessions as often as you like!


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