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4 step plan to get rid of back talk

Back Talking in Children

Back talking in children is frustrating but the backtalk can be fixed! Use this 4 step parenting process to get rid of talking back and bad attitudes.

Family Meetings Ideas, Agendas and Tips

Family Meetings Ideas Agendas and Tips

Family meetings are a great parenting tool for building relationships, creating a stronger family bond and addressing issues as a team. If you are wondering how to have a family meeting, this article will give you lots of tips, ideas, and agendas to help you create a tradition that you can continue for many years.

Ideas for managing fear

What Can I Do to Help My Scared Child

Today’s post is the start of a 5-part series describing some of the most helpful actions we have taken. I want to go in-depth on why we have done certain exercises and actions and why some things have been more helpful than others. I want to give you resources and hope if you are in the middle of a similar hard time with your own child.

Making the change from parenting a child to a tween

Navigating the Change from Parenting a Child to a Tween

The transition into the tween years is such a shift for kids but also for their parents. This is where as a parent, you get to transition from some of the mundane “taking care of kids” type of parenting tasks to the amazing job of walking together into adulthood. (Cue the tears!!!)

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