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6 Activities to Teach Kindness

6 Kindness Activities for Kids

Kindness Activities are a great way to build empathy, thoughtfulness, and kindness in children.

Kindness is so important. Teaching our children to be kind can help reduce sibling rivalry. Doing kind acts as a family can create stronger family bonds. Studies have also shown that doing kind deeds increases happiness.

So, whether you are working at combating sibling rivalry, trying to strengthen your bonds as a family, or just trying to raise a happy, well-adjusted child, teaching kindness can be a great parenting resource!

There are all kinds of ways to teach kindness but one of my favorite creative ways to teach kindness is to do Kindness Activities and Kindness Crafts. These activities can be fun and teach children how to be more thoughtful towards others in their actions and words.

Kindness Jar

Kindness Jar is one of my family’s favorite tools. A while back we had a lot of fighting between brother. There were lots of mean actions and words going on. So, I introduced a Kindness Jar.

The kindness jar creates a way to recognize and reward kind deeds and words. We use this as a family and have a lot of fun noticing the kind things that we do for each other.

For example, this morning my oldest son helped my younger son pour milk on his cereal. My youngest son then gave the oldest a “kindness token” to place in the kindness jar.

This simple act of recognizing and calling out the kind deed has helped to decrease their fighting while increasing their willingness to work together and be nice to each other.

I have a Kindness Jar Kit available with instructions and printables. You can check it out by clicking here.

Food Bank Donation or Shelter Donation

Working as a family to donate to a food bank or a shelter can be a great way to teach your children kindness. Make sure to talk to your kids about why you are donating so that they understand what it means to give of your resources to those in need.

Donating to a charity can be a fun family project to work on together. Choose a charity and then select the items to donate. Allowing your children to take leadership in this can really help instill those empathetic values!

Kind Cards

Kind Cards are a fun little project to do with your kids. You can download the free template in the Parenting Resource Library.

To do this project, print out 1 sheet of kind cards per family member. Then explain the “rules”. Everyone has to write Kind Notes to 4 different people and leave them in places where they will be a fun, unexpected surprise (like in a friend’s desk at school or on their siblings’ bed.)

Encourage your children to write compliments and kind words about the person that they want to give their notecard to. For example, I wrote one to my son telling him that I really loved his creativity.

Do a Good Turn

This is a concept that actually comes from Scouts BSA. As my son has gone up the ranks of being a cub scout, he learned about the concept of “Doing a Good Turn.”

Each day a boy scout (or cub scout) is supposed to do 1 good deed for another person. It could be something simple or something elaborate.

His cub scout troop even passed out coins one year that the kids could place in their pockets. Once they did their good turn for the day, they would move the coin to the opposite pocket.

If your child isn’t involved in scouting, this is still a great concept to teach them to encourage doing kind deeds daily.

Do a chore for a neighbor

Another great activity to teach your children about being kind is to do something nice for a neighbor. Encourage your child to find someone in the neighborhood who they think could use some help.

For example, my boys will pull trash cans up driveways for our elderly neighbors or offer to weed our neighbors garden bed.

Teaching your children to start seeing needs around them and finding ways to fill that need will encourage them to become kind and thoughtful adults!

Fundraiser with random acts of kindness

This idea came from a friend’s school fundraiser. It was such a great idea though, that I think it would be really fun to do as a family.

Choose a cause that you want to raise funds for. Then, ask your friends and family to donate to your fundraiser. Commit to doing one random act of kindness for each donation that you get.

If you use Facebook, their fundraiser option would be a great way to promote your personal fundraiser and to let your friends and family know about the kind deeds that you and your children do!

Don’t forget to download your Free Kindness Card Template.

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