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Help Your Kids Understand Cancer

How to Talk to Your Kids About Cancer

As a parent, your main goal is to protect and love your children. You have probably not ever prepared for or thought through how you would give your kids devastating news.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, one of my first thoughts was, how in the world am I going to tell my boys. I knew that I needed to tell them…

How to get your kids to stop complaining

No More Whining and Complaining

There is nothing more frustrating than hearing, “I’m bored!” from your child while being surrounded by toys, games and electronics. Learn 3 steps to get rid of whining and complaining and help your kids feel more grateful for what they already have. Plus, free downloadable guide!

Activity Box Checklist

5 Ways to Make Moving Fun for Kids

Moving can be scary, overwhelming and just plain not fun for adults and kids alike. As a parent, you have the tough job of balancing out all of the practicalities of a move on top of trying to help your child cope with leaving their house, their friends, their school, their activities and so on. While there will always be aspects of moving that are a pain, you can implement these 5 tips to help make moving more fun for you and your kids! Plus, download your free Activity Box Checklist – perfect for keeping your kids entertained while moving to your new house!

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