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5 Ways to Make Moving Fun for Kids

Moving can be scary, overwhelming and just plain not fun for adults and kids alike. As a parent, you have the tough job of balancing out all of the practicalities of a move on top of trying to help your child cope with leaving their house, their friends, their school, their activities and so on. While there will always be aspects of moving that are a pain, you can implement these 5 tips to help make moving more fun for you and your kids!

First, download your free Activity Box Checklist – perfect for keeping your kids entertained while moving to your new house!

Downloadable Moving Activity Box

Tip 1: Turn the Move into an Adventure

Depending on your kids interests, frame the move as an adventure and become “explorers” or “treasure hunters”. In the same vein as “slug bug”, come up with a catchy phrase to announce that you have found something exciting. For example, as a treasure hunter, when you think of something cool about moving (such as getting to paint their room whatever color they want) you could yell out, “I found treasure”. Or as an explorer, you could use a word like “Eureka!” whenever you think of something you want to explore in your new home. Put lots of positive reinforcement around your kids finding treasure or thinking of something new to explore to keep it fun and exciting for them.  If you feel like you need some help guiding your kids into the adventure aspect of moving, check out the Brave Guide to Moving which has a whole section on exploring your new home, your new school and your new city! (Click Here to Learn More>>>)

Tip 2: Get Them Involved

One of the hard things for kids about moving is that they often end up feeling out of control. They didn’t choose to move, and they often don’t get to have a say in where they will live. Allowing them to be involved in the process can help ease some of the tension and anxiety. There are lots of ways for kids to get involved such as helping to run a garage sale, packing up toys, or picking out décor for their new bedroom. Make sure that you frame their involvement as something fun that plays to their individual strengths rather than framing their involvement as a chore. For example, my youngest son loves playing video games. I gave him the task of packing up his Nintendo games since he was the expert on them. This made him feel important and like he had a vital role in our moving process.

Tip 3: Research Your New Area with Your Kids

There are so many online resources these days to explore new areas and find fun things to do. Spend an hour with your kids researching your new area and finding at least one really exciting and fun place to visit as a family once you move.

Tip 4: Create a Gratitude Family Ritual

Each day, at the same time, whether at the dinner table, at bedtime or some other set time, start a gratitude practice. Have each member of the family list 3-5 things that they are grateful for that happened that day. Focusing on the positive can really help to keep everyone’s attitude in the right place! It is easy for kids to focus on all of the negatives and uncertainties of moving but helping them learn to be grateful for what is right in front of them has been proved to make them feel happier! (You can also download the Brave Guide to Gratitude for free in the Parenting Resource Library. This guide has 8 kid-friendly activities that help you teach your kids how to practice Gratitude!)

Tip 5: Can You Say, “Box Forts”?!?

For a lot of kids, one of the most fun parts of moving is getting to play with all of the boxes. Set aside a space once you have moved that is a free zone to create box forts. If you want some awesome inspiration check out “Papa Jake” on YouTube. Your kids will be entertained and inspired by his crazy box forts.

Free Activity Box Checklist

If you’re in the midst of a move, download our free Activity Box Checklist to use while you drive or fly to your new destination. (Or just to keep the kids entertained while you pack up the house!) You can download this fun checklist in our Parenting Resource Library.

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