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Family Bonding Bundle


3 Great Family Bonding and Parenting Tools for 1 Discounted Price!


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Family bonding is so important for creating lasting loving relationships with your children. The Family Bonding Bundle provides you with 3 fun Kits that will all help you to build your relationship as a family, become more mindful, and develop a stronger bond.

Kit 1: The Family Meeting Kit

Use this printable kit to help you plan and run successful family meetings. This kit includes instructions, a fun family bonding activity to do at your first family meeting, and a template for discussing and solving problems or issues in your family meeting. Easily build stronger family relationships by starting a practice of family meetings.

Value: $7.95

Kit 2: Kindness Jar Kit

Teach your kids to be kind with the Kindness Jar Kit. This is a fun and simple family project that gives you a simple positive reinforcement, rewards system to encourage kind words and actions. This kit is the perfect solution for kids who are name-calling, unhelpful and putting each other down.

Value: $4.97

Kit 3: Affirmation Kit

Use this Do-It-Yourself kit to help your child change their negative thought patterns, address difficult emotions and feelings, triumph over a challenge, make it through a difficult time, and/or become better at a particular skill or hobby with affirmations. Your child will learn how to use affirmations and be able to make their own affirmation posters. Plus, the poster templates look great hanging in a child’s bedroom or playroom!

Value: $7.95

Total Value: 20.87

*Please note, the Family Bonding Bundle contains print-at-home workbooks/projects that you will be able to immediately download and use. No physical products will be mailed.


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