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LIttle Brave Guide to Gratitude

Teach Your Kids to Practice Gratitude

Do you ever feel like your kids are constantly asking for new toys and saying that they have nothing to play with? Yeah, me too. I have been thinking a lot about this phenomenon lately and really hoping for a way to change the conversation with my kids from one where they are constantly asking me for things, to one full of more joy, contentment and gratefulness for each other.

It’s hard these days to raise kids who are truly grateful for what they have. Our culture is so focused on what’s newer and better. Many of the things we buy, from toys to electronics to appliances, are built to be disposed and replaced after a short time.

The problem with this disposable culture is that when you are constantly searching for more, and stuck in a sense of discontent, you have little room in your life for gratefulness and joy. As Brené Brown puts it, “We are a nation hungry for more joy: because we’re starving from a lack of gratitude.”

Research clearly shows that the more we practice gratitude, the more happy and joyful our lives become. By now we have all heard that we need to be practicing gratitude. But, if you are like most people (including me), actually implementing and sticking with a “gratitude practice” can be a challenge for yourself, let alone trying to teach your kids to practice gratitude.

Teaching kids to implement new skills around their thoughts and feelings can be a tricky undertaking. It is important to find fun and creative ways to get them engaged and excited to learn. And the reality is, that what works for one kiddo might not be as fun or easy for another kiddo.

This month, my kids and I are going to be working through the Little Brave Guide to Gratitude. (Download your copy now by clicking here.) It is a great tool to help kids and families learn to practice gratitude so that they have more joy and contentment in their lives. It contains 8 fun and unique activities that you can do with your kids or they can do them on their own if you prefer.

It’s the perfect tool to figure out what we, as a family, really like to do to incorporate gratitude on a more regular basis. (I’m already guessing that the gratitude scavenger hunt is going to be a huge hit with my kids who love playing games!)

I would love to have your family join us on this endeavor of finding more gratitude and joy in our lives. You can download the Little Brave Guide to Gratitude for free in the Parenting Resource Library.

LIttle Brave Guide to Gratitude

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