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Affirmation Pumpkins

Affirmation Pumpkin Craft

Finding activities that boost your child’s self confidence is important. Building self-esteem or self-confidence helps children to become more resilient, handle situations better, and feel less stress, anxiety and depression.

Knowing that this is important, it can still be a challenge to find activities that children actually want to do. Sneaking confidence building into crafts and games is the perfect solution!

Here is a fun Halloween, Thanksgiving or just Fall themed craft that incorporates a fun little dose of confidence building and self-esteem for your kiddos.

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Affirmation Craft for Kids

Supplies Needed:

A few Sheets of Orange Paper

A Sheet of Green Paper

Heavy Duty Stapler


Nice Black Pen ( I love these Micron Pens)

String for Hanging


Cut 7 strips of orange paper to the following measurements:

1 at 1.5” x 5.5”

2 at 1.5” x 6.5”

2 at 1.5” x 7.5”

2 at 1.5” x 8.5”

Cut one strip of green paper to the following measurement:

1 at 1.5” x 5”

Have your child write on the 7 orange strips things that they like about themselves or positive affirmations. For example:

“I am good at math”

“I am a good story-teller”

“I am really nice”

“I am a good friend”

“I am good at gymnastics”

Affirmation Pumpkins
Affirmation Pumpkins for Kids
Affirmation Pumpkins

Take all of the orange strips and staple them together on the top with the 5.5” strip in the middle, the 6.5” strips on either side of the 5.5” strip, then the 7.5” strips on either side of the 6.5” strip, and then the 8.5” strips on either side of the 7.5” strips.

Next, pull the ends of the strips up to be even with the 5.5” strip and staple the bottom together.

Affirmation Pumpkins
Affirmation Pumpkins
Affirmation Pumpkins

Fold the green strip in half, cut the ends to points, and staple over the top of your pumpkin. (You can also attach a string at this point if you want to hang the pumpkin.)

Finally, curl the green strip ends around your pen or pencil.

Affirmation Pumpkins
Affirmation Pumpkins
Affirmation Pumpkins

I did this craft with my kids and had them make 1 pumpkin with the things that they liked about themselves and then I made them each a pumpkin with things that I like about them. I then hung them in their bedrooms. Fun fall decorations with the added bonus of building up their self-confidence!

Affirmation Craft for Kids
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