Your kids are bored and you are going out of your mind trying to help them deal with it. Being stuck at home is no fun – especially when you feel bored!

Given our current situation, I have decided to start making free videos for parents to use with their kids while stuck at home. I figure why not use this crazy time as a unique opportunity to model and teach those important emotional skills that our kids need!

I will be including lessons on dealing with boredom, learning how to handle sibling rivalry, being kinder, learning better listening skills, and other important topics that will make your time at home easier.

You can access the videos through my private Facebook Group Page or by signing up in the box below. (You can, of course, opt out anytime if they end up not being for you.)


Helping Your Kids Deal with Being Bored

Did you know that being bored is an emotion just like being angry or sad or happy? As with any emotion, it’s not bad or wrong to feel bored.

Although, it can feel bad when you are bored! The problem with boredom comes when being bored leads to bad behavior. 

So for example, maybe when your child feels bored they get angry and try to start a fight with their brother or sister. Or, maybe when they feel bored they look for people (like you) to fix it and then end up in trouble for interrupting your work or chores that need to get done. 

When kids start using these negative behaviors to try to make them not feel so bored, they can sometimes have some unwanted consequences, like getting into trouble, getting yelled at, or making someone else mad or frustrated.

In this week’s videos I am going to teach your kids some really fun ways to deal with their actions when they feel bored. We will work on learning how to manage their behavior. And we will find ways to eliminate boredom before it starts!

I hope you and your family will join me in using this time to learn some new social and emotional skills. Sign up for the videos by clicking here.

Sending you love and light,



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